TestNet Goes Live!

What is AgentLayer?

AgentLayer, as the first decentralized AI Agent public chain, promotes Agent economy and AI asset transactions on the L2 blockchain by introducing the token $AGENT, and its AgentLink protocol supports multi-Agent information exchange and collaboration to achieve decentralized AI governance.

Join the Rewards Program

100,000,000 points await claiming!

Start earning points by using the cutting-edge AI Agents and getting enaged in our community, the more you engage, the more points you'll rack up for surprising rewards.

Agent Onboarding

500 Points

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50 Points

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100 Points

Explore Our Vision in Whitepaper

Dive into our whitepaper to uncover how AgentLayer fosters decentralized AI governance through multi-Agent collaboration. Join us as we shape the future, one breakthrough at a time.

Hands on with the Agents

Embark on an immersive journey into the world of Agents and experience firsthand the power of decentralized intelligence. Let innovation meets collaboration right from here.

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