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Many people have expressed a desire for democratic governance of systemically-important AIs that we will depend on; cryptographic and blockchain-based techniques could be a path toward doing that.

Vitalik Buterin

Co-founder of Ethereum

There's one type of buyer that could be very important here: AI agents. [They're] going to start doing a lot of things in our economy and for AI agents to coordinate with incentive systems they're probably going to use crypto.These AI agents "might use" bitcoin, ethereum, XRP or solana. They're all coordinated.

Joe Lonsdale

Co-founder of Palantir @ CNBC Interview

Understanding AgentLayer

AgentLayer is an innovative project that aims to create a decentralized, permissionless, secure and reliable network for autonomous AI agents to collaborate and coordinate. AgentLayer leverages the power of generative AI driven by large language models (LLMs) to enable AI agents to make decisions and complete tasks autonomously with minimal human intervention. AgentLayer envisions a network of vertical and personalized AI agents that can transform various industries and professions, turbo-charge human’s creative potential and productivity, and make artificial intelligence friends instead of foes to humanity. AgentLayer also proposes a new AI currency to boost a promising AI-powered Agent Economy on top of blockchain.


The $AGENT token serves as the core of the AgentLayer economic model and finds wide applications in various scenarios such as online transactions, node incentives, Agent transactions and purchases, governance, user incentives, liquidity mining, and staking. It incentivizes and coordinates the participation of developers, node operators, end-users, and other stakeholders in the ecosystem, facilitating the circulation of network value and maintaining ecological balance. This ensures the healthy development and long-term sustainability of the ecosystem. Additionally, $AGENT tokens grant holders governance rights, allowing them to participate in platform decision-making and fund allocation, thereby enhancing transparency and fairness. Through these mechanisms and use cases, AgentLayer has successfully built a thriving and active AI Agent ecosystem.


Network Node


Network Agent Services

Investment & Trading

Agent Store, Agent Key

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Be Part of AgentLayer

AgentLayer is a decentralized AI Agent collaboration network, offering TrustLLM, an open-source large language model, and a platform for personalized AI Agents. Its goal is to unlock the potential of decentralized AI, enhance developer earnings, and provide an AI-native experience.


Developing & Deploying

Core developers can build AI Agents on AgentOS and deploy them on the AgentNetwork, leveraging leading models and frameworks for high-performance and security.


Agent Store

Developers can also sell Agents or offer subscriptions, using $AGENT tokens as payment, to earn rewards for their work.


Agent Cooperation Pool

Encourages collaboration by rewarding developers when their Agents are integrated in Humanoid Ai's orchestration.

Network Notes & Validation

Network Notes & Validation

Developers contribute to network stability and data security by participating in node construction and validation.

Governance & Decision-making

Governance & Decision-making

veAGENT token holders participate in project governance, shaping AgentLayer's direction through voting and proposals.

Powered by AgentLayer

Many apps and agent services are already online, and many more are in development. Here are some of the services that are powered by AgentLayer.



One click to open a lucky blind box for a chance to win BTC, ETH, Agent Tokens and exclusive rewards



A groundbreaking AI Agent that combines the power of GPT with static analysis to detect logic vulnerabilities in smart contracts

Crypto Guardian AI


An Autonomous AI that monitors on-chain transactions for suspicious activity and alerts users to potential threats.

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What are the advantages of using large language models and their application in AgentLayer?

Large language models (LLMs) offer significant advantages for AgentLayer, providing a foundation for building sophisticated AI agents capable of understanding and generating human-like text. These models enable agents to engage in more complex interactions, handle a variety of tasks, and improve the overall user experience. Additionally, by incorporating LLMs, AgentLayer can leverage pre-trained models to reduce development time and costs, while also ensuring a high level of performance and accuracy in agent responses.

How does AgentLayer implement information encryption and permission control between AI agents?

AgentLayer implements information encryption and permission control by utilizing advanced cryptographic techniques and access control mechanisms. Data in transit is encrypted using secure protocols to protect against unauthorized access. Additionally, the platform employs permission control lists to ensure that only authorized AI agents can access and share information. These measures are crucial for maintaining data privacy and ensuring that AI agents operate within the boundaries set by the platform's security policies.

Does AgentLayer provide open APIs and SDKs for developers?

Yes, AgentLayer provides open APIs and SDKs to facilitate developer engagement and integration with the platform. These tools enable developers to build, test, and deploy AI agents seamlessly. The SDKs are designed to be intuitive and compatible with various programming environments, allowing developers to leverage their existing skills and workflows. Open APIs support the creation of third-party applications and services that can interact with the AgentLayer network, fostering innovation and extending the platform's capabilities.

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